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Talent marketing

We understand recruitment first-hand. Our team has worked in-house and recruitment agency-side, so we know how hard it is to find transformational talent, let alone engage with it.

That’s why we’re best placed to entice candidates with an effective marketing strategy. To attract top talent you need to be visible. Top talent needs to come to you - they want to research your reputation, your work, your mission and vision. Ultimately, they want to feel inspired to take action.

We harness culture, purpose and impact to raise your visibility, transforming your website into an inbound marketing tool. We become your dedicated recruitment marketing agency drawing quality candidates to your website.

79% of top performers search monthly for the right opportunity

Source: Indeed Jobseeker study conducted by Decipher/FocusVision
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Talent attraction is unique for every business. We take the time to understand your sector, using data to inform our marketing plan. Our services include:

  • Talent mapping
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Advertising
  • Brand advocacy training
  • Social media
  • EVP
  • Events
  • Content marketing & PR


We know you need to see results. That’s why we’ll keep track of all the metrics that impact our objectives, reporting on what matters to you.


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Social engagement


Who we work with

Our services are aimed at recruitment agencies and in-house hiring teams. Broadly speaking, we work with a range of stakeholders, from CEO level to MDs, HRDs, marketing directors, recruitment agency directors and hiring managers.


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Your team

We believe that people are a company’s only asset. That’s why we help companies understand their people and attract top talent. We do this with our own resilient and relentless team, made up of disruptors from across the recruitment, HR Tech and marketing industries.

Felix Wetzel, zyx associates

Felix Wetzel

Managing Director

Sarah Howard, zyx associates

Sarah Howard

Head of Marketing

Elizabeth Smythe, zyx associates

Elizabeth Smythe

Brand Manager

Stephanie Birch, zyx associates

Stephanie Birch

Performance & Data Marketing Manager

Heather Cracknell, zyx associates

Heather Cracknell

Head of People

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