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1. Understand

Understanding your people, culture and strategy

2. Engage

Engaging all different generations and audiences

3. Improve

Improving performance, participation & productivity

Our approach

We help companies embrace their social responsibilities, enhance productivity and engage with their diverse workforce.

Our services include:

  • Defining your purpose and the values necessary to achieve your goals
  • Identifying people with the attitude and energy to help you along your journey
  • Implementing communication strategies for every segment of your business
  • Developing employee engagement and performance management practices
  • Attracting new talent with an alluring brand
  • Strengthening your people’s performance
  • Providing ad hoc bespoke HR service in line with best practice and employment legislation – including but not limited to, change process, TUPE, redundancy and L&D capabilities

We are as flexible as you need, delivering this in its entirety or as individual elements.

Everything we do is geared towards synchronising the goals of your organisation, its culture and its people, creating self-determined individuals who want to make a difference. This ensures your company has a successful foundation on which to build and grow. Your people are your greatest asset, so help them to see that the company is a supporter of their success.


How we build culture


We build a vibrant culture by combining marketing, HR and technology to engage your people, attract new talent and investment.

Our team

We are combining our knowledge to deliver smart, effective and innovative workforce and recruiting solutions that help transform companies into assets for the people who work there.


Felix Wetzel

Previously CMO with companies such as Jobsite, Jobrapido, Evenbase, carwow and known Recruitment Market Analyst and Advisor to several HRTech companies.


Heather Cracknell (CIPD)

Experienced HRD who worked with organisations such as Hampshire Constabulary, Portsmouth Football Club, Serocor Solutions.


Mike Gawthorne

Innovative recruiter who built ARM into one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies and founder of Serocor.


Our vision

Our mission is simple – we want to play our part in building a healthy economy and society. Everybody holds responsibility for this goal, but we believe companies are the drivers of social change and success.

At the beating heart of each organisation is its people – those who have a direct impact on its success. We understand that people are a company’s biggest asset and should be recognised beyond money. Businesses have a responsibility to lead the way by giving meaning through a shared purpose, enabling positive participation and building engaged, valued employees.

zyx associates helps to grow dynamic people through cultural innovation. Our mission is to help organisations become better versions of themselves, with the full backing of a productive and positive workforce.

White Paper

People are the brand. They are the strongest and most influential brand ambassadors – marketing and HR would benefit from working closely together and utilizing each other’s knowledge and expertise to achieve more impactful business outcomes. A better understanding of each other’s problems, approaches and experiences will unearth many similarities and many joint undertakings, from brand building to talent attraction.

Download our white paper “People are the brand – the unity of HR & Marketing” to understand how both departments can be woven together to build a stronger culture, engagement and brand.

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