In November 2012 Adam Razzell joined Advanced Resource Managers (ARM). His previous experience was running pubs. He had never recruited anybody before.

Fast forward to 2017 and Adam Razzell is the top biller of ARM, participant of TopRecruiter 5 and winner of “Recruiter of the Year” at the RailStaff Awards and the prestigious IRP award for “Temporary Consultant of the Year”. BOOM!

If ARM only looked at skills and experience, Adam would have not even made it onto a medium list. The hiring manager, however, saw Adam’s potential within ARM’s environment and the in-house trainer equipped Adam with the skills to be a recruitment consultant. Adam possesses the right temperament and traits to succeed in ARM’s environment and the will to use the skills he has been given to their full advantage.

Choosing this approach – looking at the potential to be successful instead of the pedigree of skills and experiences – has several benefits:

  1. It widens your talent pool 
  2. It lowers your time to hire
  3. It increases productivity

ARM is our first client and – as it is part of the same group – provides us with significant insights and knowledge to calibrate our approach.  All staff with business critical skills (recruitment consultants) filled out a simple yet powerful test using Active Vector Analysis methodology to accurately calculate a user’s natural persona, traits, skills, strengths, motivations and behaviours. We then overlaid it with business metrics to combine potential and performance. Using this approach enabled us to establish the shape of top performers within ARM:


An individual with this particular shape has a higher potential to be successful within ARM’s environment. This is an important point: In another company they might not be as successful as each environment favours different shapes and requires individuals to have different temperaments and traits. The results, however, are very encouraging: Previously we have seen an efficiency increase of 15% through smarter recruitment.

Whilst ARM has significant success as they are, they will use their shape to screen people who don’t have previous experience and known skills. This method gives confidence, minimizes human bias and protects you from being wowed by past achievements. ARM will happily train them with the knowledge that the returns will be significant as they will fit into the culture and strengthen the culture at the same time.

I am really looking forward seeing the positive impact on business performance.

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