Many articles and blog post have been written about the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. Most of these outline concepts and ideas but are void of data. Not this one.

The context

In January we started testing Pocket Recruiter – an artificial intelligent matching engine – within Advanced Resource Managers (ARM), a UK based, STEM focused recruitment consultancy. In the blog post “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest matching engine of them all” I explained how we chose Pocket Recruiter and the initial results it delivered for the automotive desk.

The results

The team of Richard Brown has continued to work with Pocket Recruiter and has collected data on the business impact. Judge for yourself. Here they are:

This is pretty phenomenal, don’t you think? Especially, as historical hiring data is only just being uploaded now.

Looking at these results, three points jump out:

  1. Because of sending relevant candidates faster, ARM can create exclusivity with some clients. Exclusivity is achieved through providing the range and volume of CVs a hiring manager requires to move to the next stage, instead of through agreements.  
  2. As they are spending less time manually sifting through external and internal CV databases, they have more time to engage with candidates and hiring managers understanding their needs, desires and motivations.
  3. Pocket Recruiter delivers more relevant candidates, hence phone calls with candidates are more fruitful for both parties.

Recruitment is about relevance and speed. As you can see from the above, the performance of the ARM team has improved to such an extent that they have created a competitive advantage, not only with clients but also candidates as they progress much faster to a more likely positive outcome.

 The team has also smashed their placement targets – by quantity of placements and quality of placement fee. Once you have seen an impact like this there is no going back: By the beginning of June the entire company will be using Pocket Recruiter and their performance will be augmented through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The next steps

Obviously, it isn’t just about the technology, but the way you embed it, the way you use it, the way you enhance and fine tune accompanying business processes and the way you change behaviours. It is no surprise whatsoever that Leon Howgill was voted “Recruitment Leader of the Year”.

If you are interested to know more about the first hand experience of the selection, the roll out, the challenges, the fears and the success, catch Richard Brown at RecEx event on the 20th June.

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