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Top Performer Identification

Top Performer Assessment

Put a polar bear in the desert, it dies. Put a polar bear into its natural habitat, and it thrives. The same can be said for people.

Success is not linked to past performance, nor to education and grades. Success is linked to a person being in an environment that works for them, and more specifically, in an environment that allows them to be the best they can be.

In other words, personalities and predispositions are key to assessing a person's probability of being successful in a company. Nature beats nurture.

The good news? You don't need to rely on instinct to make this decision; you can test for it. This method removes any human bias, and allows for a clear read on who to hire, who to promote, and who to train.

Here's your step-by- step guide to identifying your Top Performers;

  1. Identify your critical skills and your top performers. Top performance could be based on their billings, customer feedback, or on how well they fit your company values.
  2. The Top Performers fill out a short but powerful psychometric questionnaire based on active vector analysis. This accurately calculates their natural persona, skills, traits, behaviours, and motivations.
  3. We now have a company specific shape, and can calculate how all your people having this shape would affect your bottom line.
  4. Once this shape is identified, you would only recruit against this.
  5. Everybody with the critical skill fills out the same psychometric test, which helps to unearth hidden gems that have the potential to prosper, and identify how to help them become the shining light they could be.
  6. You now know who to hire, who to promote and who to train!

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