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Optimise your recruitment agency

Prepare for massive growth

“The future of profitable agency recruiting is where cutting edge technology meets skilled human interaction” Chapeau, Greg Savage. We couldn’t have said this better ourselves, and zyx can help make this a reality for your company.

Skilled Human Interaction

Find out what makes your top billers tick. Identify their motivations and personality, and hire people who match it. We’ve seen revenue increase by more than 100%+ once this is understood and implemented.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Augment your recruiters with AI. Repetitive tasks should be automated so your people can focus on what’s important: building relationships. We’ve seen shortlist time decrease from 2 days to 20 minutes, and the number of CVs sent for interview improve 4-fold.

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Recruitment Marketing

Support your recruiters with marketing. It has been said that recruitment consultants should become marketing experts. We disagree; consultants should focus on being great consultants. We can provide the marketing boost you need by identifying issues and fixing them.

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To find out how zyx associates has helped companies implement our Top Performer programme please do contact us, we’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Download our white paper 'People are the brand – the unity of HR & Marketing' to understand how both departments can be woven together to build a stronger culture, engagement and brand.